A Different Engine

Associate Managing Director

Part-Time in Berkeley, CA - Associate - Ops

A Different Engine is a boutique digital product agency based in Berkeley California with an office in Mexico City. Our team is mostly remote and we work primarily in a virtual setting though we do have two small offices. We conceptualize design and build digital products across a variety of form factors and devices. You can view our portfolio of work at http://adifferentengine.com/po...

Traditionally our growth as a company has been slow and organic however our current goal for the next fiscal year is to double our current revenues which we believe to be a realistic goal. In order do achieve this however our Managing Director has been pulled away from most project work and is looking for help.

Whoever gets this role will help define what the actual job is. We do not have a defined path on how to grow. It may be outbound marketing - attending various conferences and tradeshows, It could be SEO and advertising. It could be social media marketing and networking. It will likely be some combination of all of the above. Ultimately the person in this role will be working with our Managing Director to define where our efforts are best focused and then help create, define and launch these different sales and marketing channels. This job may be one that can be done flexibly, part time and potentially could be best filled by a few part time business school students.

What this job is not. We're not looking for anyone to do outbound sales, cold calling etc.

Internally we've referred to this job as the "Future CEO" position - and its not really a joke. We're looking to hire smart folks who can help drive this b